Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

HYDROPACK – Compact vacuum systems with total or partial water recirculation


The compact vacuum systems with total or partial water recirculation HYDROPACK are the extremely compact and functional version derived from series HYDROSYS.


  • Vacuum rate: High-Medium-Low
  • Range mbar: 33-900
  • Max pressure bar G: 1.8
  • Max flow m³/h: 3500
  • Stages nr.: 1-2
  • Seal: Mechanical
  • Total or partial liquid recirculation models
  • High efficiency both at high and low vacuum
  • Maximum thermal efficiency of the new conception heat exchanger
  • Vertical gas discharge with high separation power of the service liquid
  • Extreme reliability and stoutness due to the compact skid
  • Reduced maintenance and easy accessibility to every component
  • Large choice of materials of construction
  • Possibility of personalization as a function of plants necessities
  • Possibility of construction with 2 pump on single skid


The new series HYDROPACK represents the best solution to have compact-size, efficiency and functionality in TOTAL RECIRCULATION liquid ring vacuum systems.

The pump is mounted on a single skid, which is used as separator tank (air/water) and through a heat exchanger, it is possible to maintain a stable and low working temperature.

The level of the service liquid, always in the middle of the pump, pemits a safety start-up and a regular working, even with low vacuum. This new system is also characterised by a long self-sufficiency, due to the high quantity of water that it can contain.
Eventual accessories, like electric valves and/or level gauges, can be easily installed, in order to meet different customers’ plants requests.

PARTIAL RECIRCULATION is also possible, using a more compact skid and removing the internal heat exchanger, with a very low consumption of the service liquid, optimizable according to working necessities.
It is possible to install every pump of our range of production (TRH, TRS, TRM, TRV) up to a maximum capacity and power of 800 m3/h and 30 kW.

For further eventual combinations and information, please contact our Sales Office.

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