Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Mini Fire-Ball 225 – Air-operated grease and oil pump

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Perfect for medium pressure and low volume applications.

Mini Fire-Ball 225 is an air-operated grease and oil pump, perfect for medium pressure and low volume applications.

You can’t afford down time, especially when your shop is small and your work force depends on equipment performance.

The Mini Fire-Ball 225 is an air-operated grease and oil pump has an engineered design with fewer moving parts, which means less wear out, and reduced downtime and more profit for your business.

It is available in 3:1 for oil and 50:1 for grease.


Mini Fire-Ball 225 – Product features

  • 50:1 ratio allows grease to be pumped up to NLGI #2
  • Available for 35 lb (16 kg), 120 lb (55 kg) and 400 lb (180 kg) containers
  • 3:1 ratio for petroleum and synthetic-based oils
  • Double acting pump provides continous flow operation
  • Rugged inlet cage withstands demanding shop environments
  • Full line of stationary and portable package configurations

Fire-Ball series

  • Durable. Thick cast aluminum air motor housing offers unmatched durability.
  • Reduce Downtime. Displacement rods have minimal wear due to a proprietary Graco manufacturing process.
  • Fewer Repairs. Fewer moving parts in the air motor assembly means less downtime and low repair cost.
  • Superior Sealing. Non-metallic poppet valves offer positive sealing performance, even with contaminated “dirty” air environments for long life without repair.
  • Reduced Icing. Large air porting design provides efficient use of compressed air supply for continuous pump operation and reduced icing.
  • Extended Seal Life. In-line pump design aligns the air motor piston and fluid piston rods to maximize seal life.
  • Corrosion-Resistant. Corrosion-resistant design utilizes liquid salt nitriding, nickel plating, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome on key components for longer life.


  • Maximum Fluid Working Pressure: 58 MPa/580 bar
  • Maximum Air Inlet Pressure: 1.0 MPa/10 bar
  • Ratio: 50:1
  • Pump Cycles: 130/.45 kg
  • Maximum recommended pump speed: 100 cycles/min
  • Recommended pump speed for continuous operation: 60 cycles/min
  • Maximum Delivery: .25 kg/min at 60 cycles/min
  • Stroke Length: 50.8 mm
  • Maximum Pump Operating Temperature: 54 °C
  • Air Inlet Size: 3/8 npt (f)
  • Fluid Outlet Size: 1/4 npt (f)
  • Wetted Parts: Carbon steel; zinc plating; brass; polyurethane; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene; Buna-N
  • Sound Pressure Level (measured 1 meter from unit): 77.8 db(A) @ 140 psi, 100 cpm
  • Sound Power Level (tested in accordance with ISO 9614–2): 85.6 dB(A) @ 140 psi, 100 cpm
  • Approximate Weight: 6.8 kg


  • Agriculture Equipment – Maintenance
  • Mining Equipment – Maintenance
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Paper Mills
  • Dealerships and Quick Lubes – Pumps


  • Motor Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Oil
  • Grease


  • Lubrication
  • Oil Transfer
  • Grease Transfer
  • Pumping
  • Fluid Transfer
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