Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Stainless steel self-priming pumps with flexible impeller

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The stainless steel low-speed rotary pumps with flexible impeller Liverani are particularly suitable for transfer of delicate, fragile and viscous fluids, also with solid parts in suspension.

The stainless steel low-speed rotary pumps with flexible impeller Liverani are widely used in the following sectors:

  • OENOLOGICAL field (wine, must, must and stemmed grapes)
  • FOOD processing (beer, fruit pulp and juice, honey, liquid sugar, syrups, glucose, milk, melted butter, yoghurt, liquid eggs, oil, tomatoes pulp and juice , brine, etc.)
  • CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (starch, water based glues, emulsions, glycerine, wax, detergents, rubber latex, photographic processing liquids, polyelectrolyte, paints, ink, industrial discharges, etc.)
  • COSMETIC and PHARMACEUTICAL production (liquid soap, cleaning lotion, cream, shampoo, etc.).

The easy mounting principle, the multiple choice of production materials and the Quality System procedure applied throughout production, allow us to offer a wide, versatile and customized product range. Every pump range can be produced with different impeller types, mechanical gasket, couplings and in numerous executions, which are: bare shaft pump; coaxial motorized pump (with electric or orbital hydraulic motor); with gearmotor; with pulley (on trolley or base); with mechanical speed variator or with frequency converter.


  • Transfer
  • Filling
  • Emptying
  • Recycling and mixing
  • Filtering and separation
  • Metering


Pump principle – The flexible impeller vanes deform slightly to pump the liquid inside the pump and move it to the discharge port at a stedy flow rate. This principle combines gentle pumping with a high self-priming action.

  • Self-priming (automatic priming of the product up to 6 m even from dry start-up).
  • Reversible operation (the pump can operate in both rotation directions, which permits return of excess liquid without any manual intervention, and also allows easy emptyng of pipes on completion of liquid transfer).
  • Excellent priming action even at a low revolutions, which allows the transfer of soft and fragile fluids with viscosities up to 50.000 cp, or with solid particles in suspension, without causing air-locking, avoiding emulsifying or damaging particles.
  • Smooth steady pumping action of the product without pressure spikes (even flow rate ideal for filling, dosing or filtration).
  • The pump can work in all mounting positions.


  • Flows: 0 up 72.000 litres/hour
  • Viscosities: up to 50.000 cp
  • Temperature of fluids: up to 100 °C
  • Maximum differential pressure: 4 bar
  • Couplings (DIN 11851, Garolla, BSP, Macon, Triclover, SMS, BSM/RJT).
  • Pump body: stainless steel AISI 304/316
  • Reversible mechanical seal (Stainless steel-Graphite-NBR, Tungsten carbide-NBR, Tungsten carbide-Viton, ecc.).


  • Natural rubber (NR) – Excellent for water based liquid at room temperature, highest mechanical resistance.
  • Neoprene (CR) – Good balance between chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • Nitrile (NBR) – Excellent resistance to oils and fats.
  • EPDM – Best for hot fluid and CIP cleaning. Excellent for acid and alkaline fluids.
  • Silicon (VMQ) – Best for high temperature but low mechanical resistance.

AVAILABLE MODELS (For details please check the Technical catalogue out)

  • SP – Bare shaft pumps
  • MID – Hydraulic orbital motor pumps
  • EP – Coaxial pumps
  • GR – Belt driven pumps on base or trolley
  • RID – Pumps with gearmotor
  • VA – INV – Pumps with mechanical speed variator or frequency converter
  • INV BS – Monoblock pumps with frequency converter and controls on main panel
  • MINIVERTER – Monoblock pumps with integrated frequency converter

About the manufacturer

Born during the ‘50s, Liverani manufactures and exports its pumps and presses all over the world. All its products are produced according to CE standards and the high quality of raw materials and technology allow excellent performances together with a simple use and maintainance of the pumps. The wide range of products, the materials and the numerous pump versions allow a very wide range of applications.

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