Movimentazione, regolazione e controllo dei fluidi

Movimentazione, regolazione e controllo dei fluidi

Movimentazione, regolazione e controllo dei fluidi

Miscelatore Statiflo Serie 200

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Statiflo Motionless Mixers offer many key benefits for combining miscible and immiscible liquids, liquids with gases and gas blending. They are efficient and economical, delivering precise, predetermined results in laminar and turbulent flow mixing, blending, dispersion and emulsion formation, laminar flow heat exchange, mass transfer, and as an inline reactor promoting ‘plug flow’.

Statiflo Motionless Mixers are maintenance free devices. Installation and operating costs are minimised. As well as direct operating savings, Statiflo Motionless Mixers deliver a high level of mixing efficiency, therefore the consumption of dosed chemicals and formation of by-products can be dramatically reduced. No straight pipe lengths upstream or downstream of the mixer are required. This means inline sampling can be performed immediately after the mixer – allowing any necessary adjustments to be made as quickly as possible – minimising potential product waste.

Statiflo Motionless Mixers are installed in thousands of process plants worldwide, providing the highest standards of mixing efficiency, reliability and economy.

Serie 200

Sanitary designs in polished stainless steel with removable elements with food/pharmaceutical finish. Designed for CIP, available with IDF, RJT, DIN and ferrule end connections. Injectors and heating/cooling jackets also available.

Industry Typical Applications Process
Food Yogurt/fruit blending Solid/gel mixing
Brewing Aeration of wort Gas/liquid mixing
Pharmaceutical pH control of fermentation broth Liquid/pulp mixing
Soft drinks Carbonation of drinks Gas dispersion
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