Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Drum and tank agitators

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The drum agitators Grec are a range of agitators for containers with a capacity of 200 and 1000 liters. These are portable mixers directly handled by insiders or by lifting equipment like forklifts and pulleys. Lightweight and efficient, they can be fixed to the container or to external structures.

The agitator drive can be operated with a compressed air motor or with a three-phase /single-phase electric motor. The pneumatic motor drive allows for variable speed and is ideal for operation in ATEX classified areas at risk of explosion.

The drive with electric motor provides an integrated switch panel with industrial socket 16A, the power enable switch, triple-pole thermal magnetic motor protection (Reboot is not automatic once the problem is solved), mushroom emergency stop button (for transferable mixers this security system is required).


The range is characterized by:

– Type of container (200 or 1000 liters)
– Engine type (electric or pneumatic)
– Application: low or high viscosity mixing, dispersing

Available on request:

– Drum covers
– IP54 inverter mounted on the electric motor with adjustment display
– Others on request

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