Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Side entry mixers Grec – AL series

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The range of side entry mixers of the AL series Grec is the traditional choice for storage applications or simple mixing in tanks with a height of up to 14 m, not more than 3 times the diameter. They are mainly used in food industry  for bottom cleaning, blending and dispersion of additives (CO2, SO2, sugar, bentonite).

The sealing system is internal to the product, for which it is necessary to remove the agitator from the tank in order to replace the seal.

Every side entry mixer of the AL series Grec is made by a high strength aluminum lantern with thrust bearing and by a sleeve coupling that acts as a link between the motor shaft and the mixing shaft, while the process connection is made using standard DIN flange (or other, according to the customer requirements).

Versatile and inexpensive, the AL series agitators Grec are equipped with a mechanical seal soaking in the product, as well as a flushing and outlet connection  for sparkling products.

Also, the side mixers of the AL series are available in ATEX version for zones 1 and 2 and have new high efficiency impellers .

The side mixers of the AL series Grec are particularly suited for :

– Avoid sedimentation of solids

– Homogenize different currents of products

– Disperse additives such as bentonite, CO₂, SO₂ and  sugar

– Increase the fermentation rate or the coefficient of heat exchange

The base series, without suffixes, is used for wine only, while the series with -W suffix, for all other applications, including sparkling wines. In the traditional version, the engine adds a lantern with thrust bearing, to prolong the life of the seal.

For smaller sizes, you can use a more modern and economical version, the AL0 series, with oversized shaft but without lantern.

Grec Srl specializes in the selection, design and construction of industrial agitators for liquids, ensuring reliable, economic and personalized solutions, according to the customer’s requirements.

Grec Srl aims to determine the most functional combination between impeller, diameter, speed of rotation and positioning inside the tanks, by selecting the most appropriate constructive solutions.

The Grec agitators have high versatility, and are able to operate in many applications, like:

– Storage tanks for the food industry, chemical and oil

– Processes of water treatment

– Solids mixing and suspension processes in the mining, ceramics and general industry

– Preparation of chemical products through processes of mixing, dispersion and dissolution

– High viscosity applications with the use of axial or radial impellers

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