Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Milton Roy – MAXROY


The MAXROY pump is specially designed for pumping specific products, including viscous products. With its industrial design and absence of any dead volume, it can pump and dose products with a viscosity of 3,500 cP and meets the specific requirements of food type applications. Guaranteeing a dosing accuracy of ±1%, even at low pressure, and a controlled life cycle cost (service lives in excess of 20 years have been recorded), the MAXROY pump is the ideal pump for numerous dosing operations.


  • Chemical industry: Fertiliser manufacture: dosing of amines or paraffin + amines
  • Water treatment in explosive atmospheres: Pumping of flocculants, neutralising agents
  • Food industry: Injection of starter in cheese-making


  • Flow rate up to:

– 64 l/h for MAXROY® D105

– 410 l/h for MAXROY® A105

– 420 l/h for MAXROY® B105

– 1100 l/h for MAXROY® B145

  • Pressure up to:

– 10 bar for MAXROY® A105 and B145

– 28 bar for MAXROY® B105 and D105

  • Maximum temperature of pumped liquid: – +90 °C for metallic liquid end – +50 °C for plastic liquid end
  • Adjustment of flow rate while running or stopped: from 0 to 100%
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of rated flow from 10% to 100% stroke
  • Internal safety valve, normally set at the factory Optional relief valve setting
  • Suction lift: up to 2 m water save for “Viscous Liquids” version
  • Maximum suction pressure condition: 2 bar
  • Working life of the diaphragm can exceed 20,000 hours depending on the pumped fluid, working conditions and installation
  • Single or double diaphragm
  • Multiplexing available
  • Can comply with API 675
  • Explosion-proof version is in accordance with ATEX CE II 2 G/D c T4 (plastic liquid end, please consult us)
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