Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Mono – Stormscreen


The Stormscreen was designed by Mono as an economic solution for stormwater screening at inlet and CSO installations, and has been installed throughout the UK and Europe. The screen is flow powered, self-cleaning and has no electrical or running costs, offering low maintenance combined with efficient and effective screening. The option of electric motor drive is also available offering the same benefits where on-site supply is available.

The mesh drum incorporates a brush wheel, fitted with adjustable brushes. As wastewater flows into the channel and through the unit, solids above 6mm are captured on the mesh. The screened flow powers a paddle wheel which is mounted below the mesh drum. This drives the brush wheel via a belt and pulleys and the brushes clean the mesh drum, returning any solids back into the main flow. When the electric drive option is installed the paddle is removed.

m³/h Up to 2,900
gpm Up to 12,839


  • Self-cleaning
  • No power requirements
  • Simple design – low maintenance requirements
  • Efficient screening – conforms to discharge consent requirements
  • Low operating head – capable of handling small flows that suit standard long weir installations
  • Optional diameters and lengths to suit differing weir lengths
  • Modular construction – adaptable to existing civil works
  • Optional monitoring system offers status report and event logging


Stormscreen - technical data

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