Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Senator 19:1 – Priming piston transfer pumps

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The priming piston transfer pump Senator 19:1 is a durable and reliable priming piston pump for ink manufacturing or printing applications.

With higher pump pressures and flow rates, Graco’s priming piston transfer pumps Senator 19:1 handle a broad range of inks with ease. They offer durability, power and reliability in many ink manufacturing or printing applications.

Senator 19:1 – Product features

  • Produces up to 1900 psi when mounted on a 800 pump
  • Positive displacement, priming piston design provides uniform and easily-controlled delivery
  • Extremely durable pump with long-life packing design, and low maintenance
  • Evacuates with pails, drums and bins with ease

Graco: Leading the way in quality ink applications

The industry’s most reliable pumps: Graco offers the ink industry a complete line of Priming Piston and Diaphragm pumps. They offer a proven reliable design used by ink manufacturers and printers worldwide. Whether you are pumping high or low viscosity fluids from mixing tanks, bins, drums or pails, Graco has the perfect pumping solution.

Hydraulic or Pneumatic?

Graco offers both hydraulic and pneumatic motors to drive your priming piston pump. Both are top quality choices for smooth, continuous ink delivery.

  • Pneumatic Motors. Graco’s King®, Bulldog®, Senator® and President® pneumatic motors provide rugged, reliable service life for ink manufacturing and printing applications.
  • Hydraulic Motors. When paired with any of Graco’s priming piston pumps, the Viscount® II hydraulic motor offers exceptional cost savings by operating on 20% of the energy used by pneumatic motors.


  • Ratio: 19:1
  • Maximum fluid working pressure: 15 MPa, 157 bar
  • Maximum air input pressure: 0.8 MPa, 8.4 bar
  • Pump cycles per 3.8 liters (1 gal.): 21
  • Fluid flow at 60 cycles/min: 10.6 liters/min (2.8 gpm)
  • Air motor piston effective diameter: 154 cm²
  • Stroke length: 120 mm
  • Displacement pump effective area: 8 cm²
  • Maximum pump operating temperature: 82°C
  • Air inlet size: 3/4 npsm(f)
  • Fluid outlet size: 1” npt(f)
  • Weight: approx. 73 kg
  • Displacement pump weight: approx. 37 kg
  • Wetted parts: Carbon Steel; Chrome, Zinc, and Nickel Plating; 304, 316, 440, and 17–4 PH Grades of Stainless Steel; Alloy Steel; Ductile Iron; PTFE; Glass-Filled PTFE; Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


  • Inks and Colorants


  • Letterpress and lithographic ink manufacturing
  • Flexographic and gravure ink manufacturing
  • Magazine and commercial printers
  • Newspaper printers


  • Supplying ink to press fountains
  • Supplying raw ink
  • Evacuating to dispersion tanks
  • Supplying ink to milling equipment
  • Supplying ink to batch dispensing systems
  • Waste water treatment
  • Pumping solvents for ink wash systems
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