Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Cspray – Pressure and gravity manual spray guns

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Cspray is the manual spray gun especially designed for the Yacht and Light Marine market.

DeVilbiss has worked with the leading marine paint companies to evolve the Cspray manual spray gun to meet the specific finish requirements for the application of the superior topcoat finishes supplied to the Marine, Yacht and Super Yacht New-build and Refurbishment markets.

The DeVilbiss Cspray Gravity and Pressure guns unrivalled spray performance is achieved with the utilisation of the very latest Critical Droplet atomisation Technology (CDT) DeVilbiss air caps.

All Cspray guns are precision built by DeVilbiss using the best materials and component parts for a guaranteed, reliable, long and durable working life in all industrial markets.

Plus, the CDT and CDTG air caps, which are unique to the Cspray gun range, are manufactured and certified by DeVilbiss to guarantee ultimate and superior performance. This means that every CDT air cap is spray tested with paint, in 12 different air cap angle positions, each position is then compared against master Engineering spray pattern’s for all of these key parameters:

  • Fan Size
  • Fan Shape
  • Droplet Distribution
  • Concentricity of spray fan with fluid needle.


Cspray manual spray gun – Product features

  • Designed in partnership with the market leading paint manufacturers
  • New Critical Droplet atomisation Technology air caps provide enhanced performance and best finish right across the range of Marine paints.
  • Cspray has Stainless Steel tips, needles and fluid passageways as standard
  • Curved gun handle – enhances gun handling and greatly reduces operator fatigue
  • Lightweight gun design with lighter trigger pull and improved air flow.


CDT Pressure Air Cap

  • Air Consumption: 540 i/min (19.1 scfm)
  • Air Inlet Pressure: 3.5 bar (50 psi)
  • Typical Fluid Flow: 200-500 cc/min
  • Typical Fan Width: 430 mm

CDTG Pressure Air Cap

  • Air Consumption: 345 l/min (12.3 scfm)
  • Air Inlet Pressure: 3 bar (45 psi)
  • Typical Fluid Flow: 200-300 cc/min
  • Typical Fan Width: 300 mm


  • Single and 2 pack Water or Solvent based paints
  • High, Medium and Low Solids
  • Solid Colour Top coat and Clear coat
  • Metallic and Pearlescent Top coat
  • Undercoat and Primers
  • Anti-Foul paints


  • Marine
  • Shipping and boating

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