Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

e-NSC – Cast iron end suction pumps

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By combining high efficiency with high flexibility regarding installation, material options and temperature, the new Lowara e-NSC series is the natural choice for water transport, hydronic heating and chiller systems, fire protection systems and a vast number of industrial applications. With efficiency levels well exceeding ErP 2015, the e-NSC series offers long term economical pumping solutions.


  • HVAC

– Liquid transfer in heating systems.

– Liquid transfer in air-conditioning systems.

– Liquid transfer in ventilation systems.

  • Water Supply

– Pressure boosting in commercial buildings.

– Irrigation systems.

– Water transfer for green houses

  • Fire Fighting


  • High efficiency. New designed high efficiency hydraulics with MEI values well above the ErP2015 level and IE3 motors set the basis for very low operation costs.
  • Long service life & easy maintenance. Robust design, different bearing frame sizes and stainless steel replaceable wear rings ensure a long service life. The e-NSC is also designed for easy maintenance and all service points are easy reachable to reduce downtime.
  • Adapt to needs. In many applications. the need for water is always varying. By equipping the e-NSC with a Hydrovar pump controller, the duty is always exactly where it should be. And it pays off: reducing the speed by 50% reduces the power consumption by 85%.
  • Exactly the right configuration. With materials options spanning from cast iron to duplex stainless steel, the e-NSC is the right solution for 1000’s of liquids.
  • Hot or cold. The standard e-NSC can handle liquid temperatures from -40°C up to +140°C and the extended temperature version from -40°C up to +140°C.
  • No leakage. The e-NSC offers a wide range of mechanical face seal options regarding types and materials.


Hydraulic specifications

  • Maximum delivery: up to 640 m3 /h for 2 poles range. up to 1900 m3 /h for 4 poles range.
  • Maximum head: up to 154 m for 2 poles range. up to 100 m for 4 poles range.
  • Hydraulic performance compliant with ISO 9906:2012 (Grade 3B).
  • Fluid temperature range:

– standard version (with mechanical seal BQ1EGG-WA and EPDM gasket) -25 to +120 °C.

– versions on request (depending on mechanical seal and gasket) -20* or -25 to +120 or +140 °C.

  • Maximum operating pressure:

– standard version with mechanical seal BQ1EGG-WA and cast iron casing: 16 bar @ 90 °C and 10 bar @ 120 °C

– version with other mechanical seal and casing of cast iron: 16 bar @ 120 °C and 14,9 bar @ 140 °C cast ductile iron: 16 bar @ 120 °C and 15,6 bar @ 140 °C stainless steel: 16 bar @ 50 °C and 14,8 bar @ 140 °C duplex: 16 bar @ 140 °C

– NSC2 models with mechanical seal BQ1EGG-WA and cast iron casing: 12 bar @ 110 °C and 10 bar @ 120 °C – see pages 21 to 23 for more information. * Fluoro-elastomer: FPM (old ISO), FKM (ASTM & new ISO).

  • Connection dimensions according to EN 733 for models 32-125/200, 40-125/250, 50-125/250, 65-125/315, 80-160/315, 100-200/400, 125-250/400,150-315/400

Motor specifications

  • Squirrel cage in short circuit enclosed construction with external ventilation (TEFC).
  • 2-pole and 4-pole ranges.
  • IP55 protection degree as motor (EN 60034-5), IPX5 as electro-pump (EN 60529).
  • Performances according to EN 60034-1.
  • IE3 efficiency level (three-phase 0,75 to 375 kW).
  • 155 (F) insulation class.
  • Standard voltage:

1 x 220-240 V 50 Hz for power up to 2,2 kW

3 x 220-240/380-415 V 50 Hz for power up to 3 kW

3 x 380-415/660-690 V 50 Hz for power above 3 kW

  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °C.


  • Anti-clockwise rotation when facing pump’s suction port.
  • Pump does not include counter-flanges.
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