Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Gas emissions analysis

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The analysis division  of TECNOVA HT has invested consistently in implementing complex analysis systems, following the whole process from the design to the realization of the analysis compartments, ending with the customer testing in situ.

TECNOVA HT works both in the industrial sector (ensuring compliance with current regulations – the Environment Code in 2006, Law 203/88 and subsequent Prime Ministerial Decree of 10/02/95, 12/21/95, 03/08/02), and with administrations, in order to monitor potential sources of pollution. All proposed analyzers are TÜV certified for environmental use.

TECNOVA HT has been offering for years analyzers with zirconium oxide probe for direct insertion, which represent the gold standard for the market. The accuracy and the stability of the paramagnetic for O2 are now used by a wide variety of customers. The simultaneous measurement of CO2, CO, SO2, CH4, O2, NOx with NDIR technology, TÜV certified, allows TECNOVA HT to realize complete cabins. The ability to install FTIR technologies, TÜV certificate, allows us to offer our customers all types of measurements possible, even in the case of waste-to-energy plants.

TECNOVA HT is the only Italian company to have a complete portfolio of solutions, all TÜV certified, for the measurement of powder.

Even municipalities are benefiting from the expertise and technology offered by TECNOVA HT: fixed stations for environmental monitoring are in fact installed to control gaseous emissions or landfills. Also, they are equipped with mobile stations for periodic and itinerant checks. Even the “communication with the public” is managed by installing light panels informing the citizens about the pollutant values.


  • Certified analyzers for gaseous emissions
  • Analyzers of oxygen
  • Certified powder analyzers via laser emissions
  • Certified Analyzers for dust emissions due to triboelectric
  • Multiparameter analyzers for biogas
  • Multiparameter analyzers for gas
  • Portable analyzers for CO in the mine
  • Certificates of analysis systems for chimney emissions
  • Sampling systems
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