Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Thermal Mass Flowmeters – VOLUMASS™ Meters

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The Thermal Mass Flowmeters measure the mass flow rate of the flowing gas without the aid of moving parts and are not susceptible to variations in pressure or process temperature.

Thanks to the Thermal Mass technology, the Thermal Mass Flowmeters can measure the mass of the gas flow per unit time, without the influence of temperature and pressure on the meter.

Each Thermal Mass Flowmeter is calibrated to the required flow rate and pre-compensated for temperature.

The tThermal Mass Flowmeters are suitable for applications involving, among others: Argon, Nitrogen, Biogas, CO2, Digester, Helium, Gas Torch, hydrogen, hydrocarbon mixtures, Methane, Natural Gas, Oxygen.

The VOLUMASS™ series has been designed by Eldridge for less demanding applications in a safe area. This series shares the same measuring principle of Master Touch  and is suitable to every budget. The meters of this series can be equipped with enclosure rated NEMA 4X IP66 in cast aluminum or ABS, blindly or with large display.
The VOLUMASS™ Meters, factory calibrated and suitable for applications involving air, nitrogen, biogas, helium, CO2, etc., Have an accuracy of ± [2% reading + (0.5% of full scale + 0.05% / °C )].


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