Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Thermal Mass Flowmeters – Master-Touch FAT (Flow Averaging Tubes)

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The Thermal Mass Flowmeters measure the mass flow rate of the flowing gas without the aid of moving parts and are not susceptible to variations in pressure or process temperature.

Thanks to the Thermal Mass technology, the Thermal Mass Flowmeters can measure the mass of the gas flow per unit time, without the influence of temperature and pressure on the meter.

Each Thermal Mass Flowmeter is calibrated to the required flow rate and pre-compensated for temperature.

The Thermal Mass Flowmeters are suitable for applications involving, among others: Argon, Nitrogen, Biogas, CO2, Digester, Helium, Gas Torch, hydrogen, hydrocarbon mixtures, Methane, Natural Gas, Oxygen.

The Master-Touch FAT™ (Flow Averaging Tubes) series  patented by Eldridge, available in ATEX or MPNH MP, is suitable for pipes and large ducts without requiring the installation of multipoint or plurisonda models.

The meters of Master-Touch FAT™ (Flow Averaging Tubes) series  are equipped with an elongated probe provided with holes from ø 0.125 for the fluid inlet. The dynamic pressure of the gas changes as it is continuously mediated between the various sections of the probe, creating an axial motion towards the electronics. Finally, the gas goes out through a special opening and goes back to the mainstream.

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