Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

PORTAFLOW C – Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

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The portable ultrasonic flowmeter Portaflow-C is the ideal solution for anyone who carries out impromptu on-site measures, for service professionals, for those who want to monitor the effectiveness of inline flowmeters. Compact and handy, it is a tool that incorporates the latest technologies in the development of electronic and digital signals, combining high performance and ease of use.

Equipped with an LCD color screen, the portable ultrasonic flowmeter Portaflow-C is very simple to configure and use. It also allows you to store a very high amount of information (about 2 years of measurements), by saving it on a SD card. An algorithm can also calculate the amount of energy stored and released from the liquid during cooling and heating operations.

The ultrasonic flowmeters TIME DELTA-C and C-PORTAFLOW are the latest generation devices using the transit-time measurement technology, and allow you to make any non-intrusive flow measurement executable on-site, even with the calculation of calories/frigories exchanged.

TIME DELTA-C and PORTAFLOW are particularly suitable for measuring liquids (temperature between 40 and +200° C) and have a great advantage: the sensors are attached on the exterior of the pipe, without cutting or drilling it. The 32 bits microprocessor allows highly accurate measurement (± 1%), very short response times (1 second maximum) and an excellent resistance to the formation of air bubbles (ABM system) and to changes in pressure and temperature of the fluid (continuous calculation of the whole sonic speed).


PORTAFLOW-C is available for a free trial!


  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Rechargeable, with an electric range of 12h
  • Includes a wide variety of sensors for tubes from 13 to 6,000 mm in diameter
  • Maximum accuracy guaranteed (margin of error: ± 1.0%)
  • ABM ™ technology (anti-bubble measurement) for measurements even in the presence of gas bubbles or particulate
  • Large backlit color display for ease of configuration
  • Provided with SD card for storing huge amounts of data (up to 2 years of measurements)
  • USB port and installation software for easy connection to PC
  • Operating as calories and frigories counter, both in heating and cooling circuits
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