Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Nuflo™ Cameron – Gas Turbine flowmeters

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The Nuflo™ Cameron Gas Turbine flowmeters are able to ensure high accuracy in the measurement of gas flowing. These meters are equipped with a hyper-lightweight rotor only consisting of two vanes, thus leaving the cross sectional flow area without obstructions.

The Nuflo™ Cameron Gas Turbine flowmeters are ideal for applications involving Fuel Gas, Production Gas, Vent Gas, Flare Gas, etc.. They are able to handle any unexpected spikes in case of overrange up to twice the flow, without any damage to the meter.

Moreover, thanks to the cartridge design, the service is extremely simple, as the turbine is inserted between the two flanges of the process piping. The body is made of SS 316, while the rotor is instead made of SS 455, a high reliability material.

In addition, the digital pulse output generated by the gas turbine flow meter can be fed to companion readout devices capable of providing direct measurement of flow rate and accumulated throughput. These measurements can be automatically pressure- and/or temperature-compensated to obtain volumetric measurements in standard units.

The Nuflo™ Cameron Gas Turbine flowmeters, with a 2″ ND, are able to measure a Turn Down up to 15:1 under process conditions up to 107° C and 153 barg and can be coupled with flanges of #150, #300 and #600.


  • Single gas turbine flow meter handles wide range of flow rates
  • Rugged carbide bearing design eliminates need for lubrication and withstands difficult service conditions
  • Low-inertia rotor design provides quick response to flow-rate changes
  • Two-bladed rotor offers large unobstructed flow area
  • Electrical output signal adapts readily to a variety of readout devices
  • Easily serviced; Low-cost precalibrated replacement turbine cartridge available
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