Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Mass flowmeters Coriolis -AQ-Rate 300 series

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The mass flowmeters Coriolis differ from other technologies as they do not measure the actual volumetric flow rate or speed of the fluid, but the mass flow rate flowing in the pipe (kg / hr).

The flowmeters of the new AQ-Rate 300 series are instruments for measuring the mass of hydrocarbon and fuel oil in the liquid phase.

These flowmeters are provided with flanged connections splitting internally into two smaller tubes identical to one another and shaped like a V. Their resonance frequencies are induced in the opposite direction between them. At the passage of the fluid in the tubes, the input section of the V-shape starts vibrating at the same frequency of the output section, but with a time delta called mismatch. The magnitude of this mismatch is proportional to the mass flow through the tube, while the density of the liquid in question is given by the frequency of the complete system. It is also possible to obtain the volumetric measurement by dividing the mass flow for the density.

The meters of the AQ-Rate 300 series are equipped with integrated totaliser transmitter, replaceable by remote electronics for applications in harsh environments, high temperatures or strong vibrations.

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