Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

OILPACK – Compact vacuum systems with total oil recirculation


Pompetravaini Group has introduced the OILPACK system series.

The concept was to create a vacuum system that provided superior vacuum for several applications in a smaller, more maintenance friendly package.

The OILPACK system carries a smaller footprint, runs quieter, and is cooler than most vacuum technologies. In addition, OILPACK is tolerant of some soft solids being sucked into the system.


  • Vacuum rate: High-Medium-Low
  • Range mbar: 20-900
  • Max pressure bar G: 1.8
  • Max flow m³/h: 1000
  • Stages nr.: 1-2
  • Seal: Mechanical
  • Better performance at vacuum, flow and absorbed power
  • Very compact dimensions
  • Simple maintenance
  • Limited noise
  • Very low working temperature
OILPACK - Construction characteristics
Schematic drawing. Dimensions in mm with tolerances to EN 735-1995 standards. Weights in Kgs, referred to pumps in cast iron, not certified.


  1. Check valve
  2. Vacuum gauge
  3. Vacuum regulation valve
  4. Anticavitation valve
  5. Liquid ring vacuum pump
  6. Baseplate
  7. Heat exchanger filter
  8. Tank
  9. Filter replacement gauge
  10. Oil thermometer
  11. Oil level
  12. Heat exchanger
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