Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

POMPETRAVAINI / BORA – Blowers, exhausters, boosters, accessories


The positive displacement POMPETRAVAINI – BORA lobe pumps are characterized by innovative design and solutions that enhance performance, reliability and low life-cycle operating costs.

The three-lobe rotor of every  POMPETRAVAINI – BORA product is the evolution of the classic bi-lobe design, shaped like an “eight”. This design ensures higher bending stiffness, and lower pulsation amplitude that consequently reduces vibration. The economic advantage in the bearing life is appreciable. The compressor noise is remarkably decreased as well.

The synchro-gears of every  POMPETRAVAINI – BORA product are case hardened and tempered. Gears are accurately ground to ensure optimal timing. The “long addendum” involute design gives maximum efficiency with virtually silent mechanical operation. This design allows the vacuum boosters to be installed without a sound canopy.

The mechanical noise is kept to a minimum as a result of accurate design and assembly. The gear lubricant is a long lasting, low viscosity PAO oil that enhances the machine cooling. The lubricant can be supplied “food grade” for certain applications. These features all help to decrease the machine’s life cycle cost.

Pump’s body, sump, and covers are assembled with flat gasket (blowers/exausters) or O-Ring seals (booster HV) to ensure maximum tightness. This results in increased reliability which decreases maintenance costs.

The sealing of the rotors is achieved with labyrinth seals, which do not contact and therefore do not create friction. This is ideal for the rotor’s high rotation speed. This solution saves money due to the decrease in energy dissipation and absence of any other expensive cooling system.

Shaft sealing with double Silicon Carbide/Graphite mechanical seals ensures high reliability and durability. The diameter of the shaft is specifically designed in order to maximize strength and reduce peripheral speed and the associated friction. Low maintenance and decreased risk of down time are the advantages that result in maximized cost savings.


The volumetric blower is an ‘oil-free’ lobe pump for air or non aggressive/non explosive gases suitable to operate with a maximum backpressure of 1000 mbar (g) at discharge and a maximum vacuum of -500 mbar (g), within the allowable temperature limits.


  • Standard version with rotors supported by bearings on both ends, available for models 163 through 883. Vertical or horizontal inlet-outlet flanges available.
  • The compact version, which has a cantilever design and an axial inlet, is available for models 73 and 103. The axial inlet significantly improves the volumetric efficiency above 2500 RPM. The energy consumption is much lower if compared to the traditional design, thus ensuring sensible savings on the running costs.


The air cooled (AC) Exhauster is an ‘oil free’ rotary lobe pump for air or non aggressive/non explosive gases suitable to operate with a maximum vacuum of -0.85 bar (g), within the allowable temperature limits.

The AC Exhauster package is composed of baseframe, AC Exhauster, motor with belt drive, inlet silencer with filter, AC manifold with silencer, output silencer.


The Booster HV is an ‘oil free’ pump for air or non aggressive/ non explosive gasses suitable to work in series with a backing pump. This is done in order to increase the vacuum level while decreasing the time it takes to reach it. The maximum vacuum for the Booster HV is 0.001 mbar (a), within the temperature limits. The FP version is optimized for applications in food packaging.


  • DVD2 (proprietary PLC for active and dynamic control of vacuum booster)
  • Soundproof enclosure
  • Enclosure ventilation kit
  • Silencer
  • Three way valve
  • By-pass valve
  • Suction filter
  • Clapet valve
  • Baseplate
  • Safety valve
  • Clogged filter indicator
  • Belt drive system


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