Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

VIKING Universal seal pumps


The Universal Seal pumps VIKING are designed for a broad range of applications requiring continuous duty at pressures up to 200 psi. Even higher pressures are possible with high fluid viscosities at reduced operating speeds (consult factory). This Series features 16 different sizes with flows to 1,600 GPM (364 m3 /h), with four materials of construction options.

The Universal Seal pumps VIKING are applied to both thin and thick liquids, and operate equally well in either direction. They are also capable of operating under suction lift conditions. This series has the broadest range of sealing options of all pumps built by Viking. The stuffing box on all sizes accepts packing, numerous component single mechanical seals, or a wide variety of cartridge seals. The Universal Seal series is Viking Pump’s most versatile series of internal gear pumps due to the availability of many design and material options. A summary of the major design features and available options appears to the right.


  • 124A, 4124A, 124AE, 4124AE, 224A, 4224A, 224AE, 4224AE, 324A, and 4324A (Cast Iron)
  • 126A, 4126A, 226A and 4226A (Ductile Iron)
  • 123A, 4123A, 223A and 4223A, 323A, 4323A (Steel Externals)
  • 127A, 4127A, 227A and 4227A, 327A, 4327A (Stainless Steel)


  • Capacity to 1,600 GPM (363 m3 /h)
  • Viscosity 28 to 2,000,000 SSU (1 to 440,000 cSt)
  • Pressure to 200 PSI (14 BAR)
  • Temperature -120°F to +800°F (-85°C to +430°C)


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