Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Milton Roy – MILROYAL D


The MILROYAL D pumps are particularly rugged and can operate in the severest of conditions, such as on offshore platforms, in the desert, etc., and the oil bath gives moving parts an exceptionally long service life.

They use the DSD technology has been developed to pump fluids at very low flow rates.

The efficiency of this technology is based on the properties of its diaphragm, which is unbreakable. That is why the DSD technology is now available with single diaphragm: the double diaphragm is no longer needed. This is a real game changer. Both configurations guarantee safe operation with the best efficiency, but the single DSD diaphragm option expends the higher hydraulic performance.

Launched in 2012 with the DSD 71, the DSD technology is now available with plungers de Ø3 and Ø4, for flow rates between 0.14 L/h and 10.08 L/h.


Oil and Gas
Extraction: injection of corrosion inhibitor in the wellhead or in pipelines                                                                                Gas treatment: gas odorization, injection of mercaptan, or THT                                                                                       Refineries: injection of additives into fuel, injection of catalysts

Boiler water treatment: of make-up, circuit and discharge water (injection of corrosion inhibiter, biocides, anti-foaming agent, scale inhibitor, etc.)

Water treatment in utilities: Injection of corrosion inhibitor (phosphate), hydrazine, ammonia

Papermaking pulp coloring                                                                                                                                         Injection of dye ink

Our main customers
Aramco, Borouge, Qatargas, Sabic, Saudi Electricity, Saudi Polymers, Sonatrac


  • Flowrates from 0.14 l/h to 345 l/h (100% – 50 Hz)
  • Maximum pressure: 500 bar
  • Maximum temperature of pumped fluids: +110 °C
  • Available liquid ends version: DSD, Packed plunger version, Metal version with metal diaphragm, 316L stainless steel or PVC version with single or double diaphragm (HPD)
  • Adjustment while running or stopped, from 0 to 100% of nominal flow rate
  • Accurate to within ± 1% – API 675-compliant
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