Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

PVC pinch valves


 The PVC pinch valves are designed for various applications involving the transportation and automatic control of white or waste water (detergents , sludge…) , viscous or doughy liquids, powder, etc.

The automatic elastic deformation type pinch valve comprises a valve body and a cylindrical sleeve reinforced with natural or synthetic rubber. It is normally open. The valve is closed by the application of pressure between the valve body and the sleeve. This pressure is created by a fluid, usually compressed air (but this can be replaced by pressurised water). The action of this fluid crushes the sleeve in a particular direction, which is determined by careful positioning of the fibre reinforcement, thus totally closing the valve.


With their technical characteristics and the variety of sleeves available, our pinch valves are suitable for many applications:

  • Acids: hydrochloric, nitric, sulphuric, hydrofluoric, etc.
  • Alkalis: sodium hydroxide, ammonia, potassium, phosphates, sodium bicarbonate, etc.
  • Viscous or abrasive liquids: seawater, wastewater, limewash, paper pulp, paint, sludge, soot, clay slip, etc.
  • Edible liquids: beer, wine, cocoa butter, edible oils, beet juice, milk, sugar, syrups, etc.
  • Powdered products: cement, flour, sand, talc
  • Other fluids: reagents for water treatment, organic solvents, fertilisers, etc.


  • Full-bore:
    • No abnormal friction losses
    • No risk of blockage
  • Long sleeve service life:
    • Sleeves strengthened with fibre reinforcement enabling use in extreme conditions
  • Easy to install (bolted flange or threaded socket connection, depending on model)
  • Energy-efficient: low compressed air consumption
  • Minimal (no mechanical wear), quick and easy maintenance: the sleeves are the only wear parts
  • PVC pinch valves:
  • Chemical resistance: suitable for corrosive atmospheres
  • Light weight: low installation costs (no support)
  • Totally leakproof with gases and powders as well as liquids, and even slurries



  • 4 sizes available, from DN 20 to DN 40
  • Material: PVC body, sockets and nuts
  • Three sleeve grades available as standard (other materials on request)
  • Operating pressure: 4 bar maximum
  • Control pressure: 6 bar maximum
  • Minimum differential pressure: approximately 2 bar, depending on sleeve grade
  • Connections: threaded gas sockets
  • Temperature range: -5°C to +60°C
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