Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Thermal Mass Flowmeters – Master-Touch MP – MPNH

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The Thermal Mass Flowmeters measure the mass flow rate of the flowing gas without the aid of moving parts and are not susceptible to variations in pressure or process temperature.

Thanks to the Thermal Mass technology, the Thermal Mass Flowmeters can measure the mass of the gas flow per unit time, without the influence of temperature and pressure on the meter.

Each Thermal Mass Flowmeter is calibrated to the required flow rate and pre-compensated for temperature.

The Thermal Mass Flowmeters are suitable for applications involving, among others: Argon, Nitrogen, Biogas, CO2, Digester, Helium, Gas Torch, hydrogen, hydrocarbon mixtures, Methane, Natural Gas, Oxygen.

The Master-Touch MP series is designed for industrial applications in hazardous areas, while the Master-Touch MPNH series is suitable for Non Hazardous area applications. Both series feature various models:

  • For insertion and with extraction valve
  • With threaded, flanged and tri-clamp pipe
  • With integrated and blind electronics
  • With integrated electronics and local display
  • With integrated electronics and remote display


  • Linearized exits 4-20 mA and 0-5 VdC
  • Protocols: RS232 & RS485 Modbus RTU, Hart®
  • Accuracy (Tref21°C) ± [1% reading + (0.5% + 0.02% / ° C scale)] – Repeatability ± 0.2% full scale
  • Response time ≈ 1 sec
  • Turn Down minimum 100: 1
  • Continuous load loss: null
  • Appropriate environmental temperature for the electronics -40 <T <+ 85 ° C
  • Sensors in contact with the process in SS316 or Hastelloy
  • MP series: housing in painted cast aluminum NEMA 4X IP66
  • MPNH series: housing in ABS and polycarbonate NEMA 4X IP66
  • Certification CE ATEX 0344 II 2 GD Ex d IIB + H2; IP66; T2 or T3 or T4 (where applicable)
  • Certification CE PED (where applicable)
  • Optional LightWire ™ Communicator for infrared connection between PC and flow meter, to program, check and set without removing the case
  • Provided with E-Logger ™ software to fully manage the flow meter by changing the parameters, recording the values, totalizing the flows, exporting the heats and even putting them in graphical form.
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