Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

V-Cone™ flowmeter

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Patented and built by McCrometer Inc., the V-Cone™ flowmeter is an advanced differential pressure instrument, which is ideal for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance and cost are important. The V-Cone is especially useful in tight-fit and retrofit installations.

The V-Cone™ is composed of a metal cone and a socket piece which is welded or flanged – DIN or ANSI, Weld Neck, Slip-On or wafer – to the process piping. The cone reduces the cross sectional flow area of the fluid, by subjecting it to a huge increase in speed due to the progressive narrowing of the toroidal section. The increase in speed causes a pressure drop which is detected by a hole located in the rear part of the cone. The difference between the two pressures, upstream and downstream of the cone, is returned via tubing to the classical manifold configuration & differential pressure transmitter.

The V-Cone™ is suitable for measurement of liquids, gases and steam (both saturated or overheated) and is especially recommended for applications involving fluids with particles or bubbles, vapor with drops of condensate, gas with particulates, wet biogas. The non-congruent phase slips between the cone and the piping without affecting the measure and thus ensuring maximum efficiency.

The V-Cone™ guarantees an accuracy from 0.5% to 1% in reading, ensured by the certified calibration with water, air or natural gas and is able to handle different process conditions thanks to the Turn Down. Furthermore, using the V-Cone ™ allows you to considerably reduce the loss of Permanent Headloss Load, keeping it lower than any flange or venturi.

Provided with PED certification, The V-Cone™ flowmeter is available with ND from ½” to 120” and rating from #150 to #2500. Furthermore, it can be built in CS, LTCS, SS 304 / L, SS 316 / L, P9, P11, Hastelloy, Monel, Duplex on request.

As it is provided without moving parts, the V-Cone™ meter requires no maintenance and can also be installed in vertical sections, with flows going either up and down.

The V-Cone™ is particularly effective in a number of critical applications in which other meters instead show their limits:
  • Cooling Water or BFW
  • Three-phase separator water – oil – gas
  • Measurement of the combustion air flow
  • Measurement of saturated and superheated steam
  • Flow measurement of biogas, even in case of wet and erratic flow.
  • ASME B31.3 construction available
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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