Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

Fluid handling, regulation and control

LIQUISONIC® – Ultrasonic analyzer for liquid density and concentration measurement

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LiquiSonic® Sensotech measures inline the concentration or density in almost every kind of liquid. The technology is based on a high-precision measurement and a very fast and stable analytical method, that is independent of conductivity, colour and transparency of the process liquids.

LIQUISONIC® SensoTech is an analyzer for on-line measurement of the liquid concentration. It works through the ultrasonic principle, whose operation is based on the concept of Sonic Absolute Speed or the propagation of sound waves in the medium (gas, liquid or solid).

LIQUISONIC® is made of a sonic waves emitter with a frequency of > 1 MHz and a receiver, both immersed in the liquid, which carry out a averaged measurement 32 times per second. Since the Sonic speed requires an accurate temperature compensation, LIQUISONIC® is provided with two Pt1000 temperature sensors embedded in the steel of the prongs, as well as analog inputs for measuring the pressure in line from the field or from DCS. Both electronics and the sensor in contact with the process are available in multiple variants, even maintaining the standard features of the LIQUISONIC® system:

  • Absolute sonic speed, concentration and density measurement in liquid phase and continuous
  • Suitable for Vs from 100 to 10,000 m / sec and Top -90 to + 200 ° C, Pop as a rating for the selected flange
  • Accuracy of 0.05 m/sec for the speed and 0.1 °C for the temperature
  • The measure is not dependent on conductivity or fluid transparency
  • Can be installed in tanks, reactors, process lines, both vertical and horizontal bypass
  • No moving parts or seals or O-rings to maintain over time
  • The sensors are suitable for CIP and SIP procedures
  • Auto-compensation for the aging of electronic parts or sensors
  • Up to 256 Dataset
  • HMI panel with high visibility TFT video and clear and well-structured tree menu
  • Incorporated Events Recorder in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • 4-20 mA outputs, RS232 and Fieldbus
  • Up to 4 sensors are connectable with 1 electronic for 4 simultaneous analysis
  • Remote Service via modem from the parent company
  • SonicWorkTM Software for comprehensive management of the system, records, diagnostics, and settings
  • EC  ATEX Certificate II 2 G Ex de IIC T3, T4, T5 or T6 for Zones 2, 1, 0.

Depending on the severity of the application, the LIQUISONIC® system can be supplied in different versions:

Liquisonic® 30 – for all applications
Liquisonic® 20 – light version for OEM or basic applications
Liquisonic® 40 – to calculate two different concentrations with ternary mixtures
Liquisonic® 50 – for crystallization and polymerization processes
Liquisonic® Lab – extremely flexible portable version

It is also available in a wide range of materials for the sensors in contact with the process: Stainless Steel, SS polished, electropolished SS, Hastelloy B-3 / C-4 / C-2000, Incoloy 825, Nickel 200, Monel 400, Titanium Titanium / Palladium, Tantalum, Zirconium 702, Linings PFA / Halar® / Tantalum …


  • Beer Industry
  • Biotechnology (crystallization, fermentation, filtration, HPLC)
  • Steel industry
  • Chemical Industry



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